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Dislocation & Expectation

September 4, 2017

In this series, our pastoral team will teach on the dislocation -- the difference between man’s view and God’s view . . . mysteries arise from the throne of Grace -- not unsolvable mysteries but those that are not expected. We are still a people with our own expectations but we should not forfeit the grace that could be ours for worthless dreams. Can we embrace the Lord's dreams even though they seem humble compared with the worldly measure? The Lord has more for us than we know, but our expectations can get in His way and hinder the working out for the millions. We must stand aside and let Him work. The sermon series will be launching from the time of Israel’s dislocation to Babylon and move beyond the Restoration. God’s works during the exile and restoration period did not match the people’s dreams and expectations. The Lord called the ancient people to embrace God’s dreams and God’s viewpoint. The Lord is calling us to release our expectations and embrace His for the good of millions.

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