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AN ENVIRONMENT FOR GOD'S PRESENCE Music is really big in this church, but not in the way you might expect. The musical portion of our worship service is not intended as a performance. Rather, we seek to create an environment through which God can move and we can perceive His presence. That's why we invite the full participation of everybody present, why we draw our repertoire from a wide variety of musical traditions, why we link songs together into medleys, and why we sometimes sing songs over and over again. We're aiming to get beyond the surface of the music to meet with God.

Unlike the church experiences many of us grew up with, Westchester Chapel views worship as participatory. It was not intended by God to bore us, but just the opposite, to refresh and bring us new life. It is not just for the Pastor or leadership either. Worship is to be experienced by everyone. People at our worship services, are given the opportunity to clap, kneel and sing, but there is never any pressure to conform to any specific expression of worship. Sometimes silence is the best way to experience God's presence, sometimes kneeling, sometimes expressing great joy.

God loves variety, so our worship services also include the use of the arts as found in popular culture. To help people better connect with the day's teaching, we sometimes feature an evocative art piece from various media, such as movies and video, popular and classic music, literature, the visual arts, live dance and theater.  To see examples visit Creative Worship.  Although our worship usually has a contemporary feel, the use of Music and the Arts in Worship at Westchester Chapel is deliberately eclectic to reflect the God who is described in the Bible as one who dwells in the midst of worshipers from every culture, every language and every time in history.

The sermon is always taken directly from the Bible and great effort goes into communicating God's message in a down-to-earth way that will have relevance on Monday morning. Our goal is to make the Bible come alive and to be understood so clearly that it can impact our lives as God intended.  To listen to past sermons or mini-messages visit Media.